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Welcome To the Blue Gloves Standard of Hygiene Excellence.
To us at Sakasti, skin-care is a hygiene exercise, a clean-up of the skin drive and maintenance of it thereafter. And if this does not demand the best of hygiene tandards, what will? This demand has propelled us to evolve and maintain a hygiene standard all our own. A standard we call ‘Blue Gloves’ A standard achieved by continuous

Sanitization and use of Disposables :

  1. Bed sheets, mouth masks and even head
    bands used are disposed before and after
    every session.
  2. Every machine and it’s probe, every
    room and every product in use is sanitized before and after
    every session.
  3. Every therapist undergoes a hands sanitization process
    before and after every session.

Nothing is more important on a Sakasti premise than adhering to the ‘Blue Gloves’ standard of hygiene. We work by it. We live by it.