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Brighten Your Personality

Why let those dark spots and uneven skin tone make your skin dull and unhealthy? 
Sakasti presents ChromaWhite TRx - an innovative anti-pigmentation treatment that not just brightens up your skin tone, but also makes it flawless and healthy-looking.

ChromaWhite TRx goes beyond lightening your skin, when it comes to hyper-pigmentation. Visible brightening, skin tone balance and round-the-clock enhancement of its health are the results it strives for. It is indeed a safe and non-irritating way to eradicate hyper-pigmentation.

Three Steps towards Skin Brightening
Skin pigmentation is a result of a multi-step process. Hence, you need a well-structured skin lightening treatment to curb discolouration and brighten your skin. With ChromaWhite TRx, get a complete cure for hyper-pigmentation in 3 easy steps:

  1. Prepare
    We begin with scrubbing off all the impurities on your skin’s surface by cleansing with Tri-Active Cleanse and exfoliating with Powerfoliant2. It removes dirt and dust that prohibit skin brightening treatment products from entering your skin, and maximises their absorption.
  1. Prevent
    In this phase, pigmentation production is stopped on cellular level. Extreme C, an intense brightening powder, brightens and strengthens your skin’s defenses against future discolouration, while C-12 Concentrate, a high-potency brightening serum, treats cellular discolouration and prevents future occurrence of the same. This also enhances your skin clarity.
  1. Protect
    After a powerful brightening session, your skin needs appropriate nourishment and protection. So lastly, we treat your skin with advanced moisturisers for day and night use to shield your skin from environmental attacks that trigger discolouration.

Unlike ordinary black spot removal treatments, ChromaWhite TRx delivers visible brightening effect within just 6-8 weeks. Complement the treatment with ChromaWhite TRx Home Care Regimen for superior results.

Home Care Regimen
ChromaWhite TRx Home Care Regimen is designed for maintenance of your skin after completing the ChromaWhite TRx treatment at Sakasti. This treatment is divided into three sections – daily, nightly and twice weekly, to maintain the brightness of your skin 24X7.

ChromaWhite TRx treatment is designed as a comprehensive skin brightening treatment, and hence, should be availed only in conjunction with a complete Home Care Regimen, recommended by our experts.