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Complete care for your elbows and knees

While taking care of our skin, we often forget about two important areas – elbows and knees. These two areas are always deprived of adequate cleansing, moisturising, and other necessary skin care measures.

Sakasti’s Elbow and Knees Treatment understands the needs of these areas and fulfils them.

This effective skin tone and texture treatment helps you treat your elbows and knees effectively.

  1. The treatment begins with cleansing your elbows and knees to remove skin impurities.
  2. Then, we exfoliate the skin to eradicate dead cells that make your skin rough and dry.
  3. Lastly, we brighten the skin with the help of Laser Genesis treatment or Chemical Peel treatment, which accelerate the growth of collagen, smooth the texture of your skin and enhances its tone.

This treatment improves the skin of your elbows and knees drastically. It reduces dark patches and pigmentation, and makes them look lighter and brighter. It also softens your skin, and enhances its texture.

Besides, it improves collagen protein growth, which plays a key role in making your skin look fresher and younger. With so many benefits and positive results, now you can actually flaunt your bright, smooth and baby-soft elbows and knees with confidence.

Please apply moisturiser and sun protection after the treatment to protect your skin from any kind of further damage.

Home Care Regimen
With Sakasti’s Home Care Regimen, now you can take care of your skin at the comforts of your home. Our wide range of quality products like Exfoliating Body Scrub, Ultra-rich Body Cream, Multivitamin Body Block with SPF 20, etc. offers you the best home care and skin maintenance solutions. Follow the Home Care Regimen, and look after your skin’s health with ease.