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Treatment for visible lines around lip areas and discolored lips

If you are unhappy with your dry, dehydrated, thin and pigmented lips, here’s a solution that will take care of all your concerns and give your lips a fuller and gorgeous look.

The Secret behind That Pout
Lip Blossom, backed by internationally proven advanced technology, is performed by experienced skin care professionals.

  1. We double cleanse your lips and exfoliate them gently.
  2. We perform a safe Laser Genesis treatment to rejuvenate them.
  3. The Pressure Point Massage improves your blood circulation and removes toxins from the mouth area.
  4. Lastly, our hydrating multi-vitamin masque instantly makes your lip look more luscious and healthier.

‘Kissable’ Results
With Lip Blossom, enhance the beauty of your lips without any surgery. Even though you start getting visible results in just one session, it is recommended to opt for 8 sessions for maximum benefit.

  1. Removes fine lines and wrinkles
  2. Pure Vitamins A, C and E accelerate skin’s natural repair process, strengthen elasticity and improve smoothness
  3. Safe lasers help firm the skin, reduce fine lines and pigmentation, and lighten the skin colour
Home Care Regimen
Maintain the positive effect of Lip Blossom treatment for a longer period with our Home Care Regimen. We have a wide range of best professional skincare products by Dermalogica. 

Products like Multivitamin Powerfirm gently treat your lips, while Solar Shield SPF 15 gives protection against further sun damage. These Treatment At Home products are exclusively designed for lip care, and are extremely easy to use at home.