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AHA/BHA treatments for fresher skin

Over time, your skin accumulates impurities from pollution, sun damage and various other factors. This causes problems like pigmentation, sunspots, scaly patches and freckles, making your skin dull and dreary. But imagine what if you could peel this dullness off from your skin?

Sakasti presents Chemical Peels to turn your imagination into reality.

Our facial chemical peels solutions remove the dead cells from your skin, using chemical agents like AHA and BHA. Chemical Peels cure all your skin problems, giving you a fresh and flawless look.

People have misconceptions about Chemical Peels, but if you understand the basics of the treatment, you’ll find it to be an extremely comfortable and effective remedy.

  1. Our skin experts evaluate your skin damage and suggest you the right kind of Chemical Peel.
  2. The process starts with cleansing and removing dirt and oil from your skin’s surface.
  3. Then, AHA or BHA is gently applied on your skin. It might give you a stinging sensation or mild redness, but it lasts only for a few minutes.
  4. After completion of the process, you can experience visible results within 3-4 days.

With such peel treatments, you can treat your face, neck, back or hands to cure all your skin concerns. It is also believed to some extent that it helps reducing risks of skin cancer.

  1. Our Chemical Peels treatment repairs superficial damages like sunspots, freckles and flaky patches as well as hyperpigmentation (caused due to hormonal changes or sun exposure), and cures acne, scars and other issues that go deep down in the skin.
  2. It increases the elasticity and tautness of your skin through elastin and collagen stimulation.
  3. You can reduce discolouration and improve your skin tone and texture.
  4. Along with removing blackheads, it proves to be a perfect oily skin care treatment as it lessens excessive oil from skin.

Important Concerns

  1. You should avoid getting out in the sun without protecting your skin with proper sun protection.
  2. To see visible results, you may have to go for approximately 6-12 sessions.