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Treatments for men

In Greek mythology, Adonis is the God of beauty and perfection, who was undeniably the most handsome young man.

With Sakasti Adon!s, we help you achieve a perfect look with scientifically verified treatments for your skin, hair and body. We offer a one-stop solution for the aspiring Adonis of today by giving customised treatments and total makeover.

The Adon!s Way
Sakasti believes that a perfect look requires a perfect lifestyle, and hence we keep in mind the ever-changing lifestyle of today’s men before initiating the treatment.

It studies your habits, work pattern, shaving habits, choices and preferences, personal and professional life-balance, and things that strain and ease you.

After completely analysing your lifestyle, our experts list down the treatments, tailor-made for you. This includes multiple sessions of customised men’s treatments, depending on your concerns.

  1. You can benefit from our signature treatments like Sakasti Magic to add an instant glow on your skin, or improve your skin’s tone, texture and tightness with Sakasti YounGlow treatment. There are many more customised skin treatments, suitable for your skin concerns in store for you.
  2. We help you fight hair loss or baldness, by gently restoring hair on your scalp with most advanced and world-class technology. This simple and safe treatment is proven to be one of the most effective hair transplant solutions available across the world.
  3. We also have special body treatments designed with a very scientific approach. Apart from the treatments, we also give complete guidance on healthy diet, nutrition and exercising.

Besides nonsurgical treatments, we also have a range of surgical solutions to treat various problems. You can get rid of embarrassing problem of enlarged male breast glands with our Male Breast Reduction surgery or walk home with a tighter skin after treating your skin with Dermal Fillers.

All our treatments are based on in-depth analysis, done by experts and skin care professionals.

The Adon!s Effect
Sakasti Adon!s indeed compels history to repeat itself, by transforming you into a real Adon!s. Just go for a few Sakasti Adon!s sessions, and walk home with confidence!