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Time to Turn the Clock Back

If allowed to keep one thing unchanged forever, youthful skin will surely be our first choice.

We all want to look young as long as we could. And hence, we have designed Sakasti Forever – an exclusive package of skin maintenance treatments.

Complete Skin Maintenance Solution
Sakasti Forever is a treatment meant for both men and women. It not only works efficiently on women’s skin, but also suits men’s coarse skin.

Sakasti Forever is a maintenance package that takes care of skin tone, texture and tightness. The package is designed with customised treatments, ranging from chemical peels to laser treatments to Botox or fillers, so that it offers an all-inclusive solution for various types of skin issues on any layer of your skin.

The scientific approach of each of these treatments helps you look younger by reducing your skin’s real age.

Our skin experts also recommend effective skin maintenance or anti-ageing products, suitable for your skin, post treatment. By following a proper Home Care Regimen, you can maintain your skin’s health and lock its youthfulness forever. 

Opt for Sakasti Forever and experience the difference yourself.