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Today’s youth is tomorrow’s future. To make the future bright and healthy, we need to take good care of our youthfulness today!

Before starting with any treatment, it is important to know the reasons behind your skin issues.

At this age, changing hormones stimulate sebaceous glands in your skin, triggering oil production and hair growth. This allows bacteria to thrive in the blocked-up hair follicles, causing red spots and acne. The intensity of consequences may vary on oily, dry and acne-prone skin.

Sakasti helps improve your skin’s health and beauty to let you face the world with confidence and fly high.

Right Solutions
We understand that teenage is a tender age, and so is your skin in this phase. Hence, it is very important that the skin treatment should suit your skin’s tenderness.

Sakasti presents a special range of skin treatments to cure teenage skin problems.

Trust Sakasti like a friend and share your skin problems with us. Our treatments are specially designed, keeping in mind the dimensions of adolescence.

Do not think that it’s too early to avail skin treatments in teenage; in fact, it is the right time to take right action. Damage done today will have repercussions after a few years; hence, it is wise to start at the right time. All our treatments are completely safe and suitable for your delicate skin.

Treatments like Medicated Clearing, Microdermabrasion, Skin Brightening, Chemical Peels, Mild Therapeutic Light Treatment cure teenage skin concerns like oiliness, acne, congestion, sun damage and related problems.

Home Care Regimen
Taking your tender skin into consideration, we advice not to overdo the treatments. Hence, we emphasize more on Home Care Regimen.

In addition to treating your skin with right treatment, it is highly important to take its good care at right time with a methodically designed regimen. We guide you on how to take proper skin care at comfort of your home with best therapeutic skin products.

Sakasti suggests Clean Start - a special range of Home Care Regimen for teenagers. This day-night skin care kit is a complete package you need for a carefree and cheerful teenage. It controls oiliness, fights acne breakouts and protects your skin with lightweight SPF 15 protection.

Visit Sakasti for a healthy and clear skin, and be proud of your youthful glowing skin.