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Stay Young, Stay Glowing!

Be it men or women, we all wish to stay young forever. But now, Sakasti can turn your wish into reality.

Presenting for the first time in India, Sakasti YounGlow! - a revolutionary skin rejuvenation treatment that makes you stay young and glowing for longer period.

This highly effective US FDA approved skin treatment is a completely safe and all-natural solution for your skin.

The YounGlow Advantage
Sakasti YounGlow! treatment gives skin rejuvenation a threefold approach, by working on your skin tone, texture and tightness – the three essentials of a healthy skin.

First step: Improving Skin Tone
Sakasti YounGlow! treatment begins with taking care of your skin tone. If not maintained properly, your skin may suffer from discolouration or hyperpigmention. Hence, it is important to enhance and maintain your skin tone by repairing surface imperfections like:

  1. Freckles (brown spots)
  2. Age spots
  3. Tiny veins
  4. Excessive redness
  5. Discolouration
  6. Hyperpigmentation

Our treatments like ChromaWhite TRx, Chemical Peels, LimeLight Facial and many more will help you achieve a perfect skin tone.

Second step: Enhancing Skin Texture
Sakasti YounGlow! helps you keep your skin smooth and soft. Therapies like Microdermabrasion, HydraFacial and various laser treatments efficiently treat visible signs of ageing and results caused by photo damage like:

  1. Fine lines & wrinkles
  2. Large pores
  3. Acne scars
  4. Roughness

Third step: Increasing Skin Tightness
During every treatment session, new collagen protein is formed, resulting into a much tauter and more lifted skin. We use infrared light that heats the dermis deep under your skin’s surface, causing collagen contraction, which adds to the tightness of your skin. Sakasti performs treatments like Titan, Radio Frequency and Microcurrent to help you fight skin problems like:

  1. Sagging jaw lines
  2. Loose skin and folds on face
  3. Double Chin
  4. Sagging abdomen and upper arms

Get a Glowing Effect Today
You can benefit from this advanced treatment and enjoy all these positive results without even submitting to any surgery, thanks to its non-invasive techniques.

Visit Sakasti to opt for Sakasti YounGlow! treatment and walk out with a healthier skin without any surgery, injections, or need for recovery period.

It’s time to turn back the clock and restore the youthful glow of your skin!