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Make your skin tighter, younger and healthier

Your skin says so much more about you than just how beautiful you are. And that’s why; it needs special care and treatment.
Understanding this, we present to you Titan™ - a natural and reliable way to make your skin healthier and younger-looking. Regain your skin’s youth without even a slightest touch of needles!

The Titan™ Advantage
Enjoy added benefits TitanTM offers for a beautiful skin! TitanTM laser treatment employs advanced technology to stimulate new collagen growth deep beneath your skin. It fully utilises light energy to provide more uniformed energy distribution compared to other energy sources.

How it Works?
We have a team of expert professionals who study your skin concerns and suggest how many sessions are required to treat your skin.
Both men and women from any age group can benefit from this non-invasive, non-surgical treatment. It takes only three steps to get rid of unwanted lax or sagging and make skin tighter and firmer.

  • Step 1: Heating the dermis
    Titan™ employs infrared light energy to heat up deep dermis tissues under the surface of your skin. The heating creates immediate collagen contraction that helps skin turn tighter.

  • Step 2: Cooling the epidermis
    During the heating process, the Titan™ hand-piece continuously cools off the skin’s surface in order to ensure complete safety of your skin.

  • Step 3: Growth of new collagen
    After the process is completed, the growth of new collagen results into further skin tightening, which in turn treats lax skin, folds and lines

  • Treatment that Works Wonders!
    You can treat any part of your body suffering from skin laxity like:
  1. Sagging skin of face and jaw lines
  2. Loose skin under the chin
  3. Abdomen
  4. Upper Arms

Mostly, the results are seen instantly. However, it might be noticeable over a period of 3-6 months, while the new collagens are formed.

Important Concerns

  1. You may feel temporary heating sensation with every Titan pulse.
  2. The treated area might swell or turn red for a while, but it lasts not more than a few hours.
  3. Just one session of this face skin tightening treatment may create wonders for some people, while it may take a few sittings for others.Consult our experts beforehand about the number and frequency of your treatment for optimum results