A complete transformation of your personality

We all would love to have beautiful hair, young and glowing healthy skin and a perfect body. In fact, a person blessed with perfect hair, skin and body would naturally be the happiest and most confident person you’ve ever met.

Understanding this, we offer you Total Makeover – a complete makeover package that will enhance your personality like never before!

A Complete Package

Sakasti Total Makeover is a package designed with an absolutely scientific approach.

We schedule your appointment with skin experts, fitness experts and trichologists, who thoroughly analyse your concerns and recommend a perfect package of total makeover, which takes care of all your hair, skin and body requirements.

Our packages are divided into 3 categories based on duration that is required to solve your concerns – 3 months, 6 months and 9 months. The package is also decided based on your goals. We have a host of surgical and nonsurgical skin treatments to give you end-to-end solution for any problem you are suffering from.

Our professionals recommend proper diet and exercise, advanced beauty skin care treatments and effective products to help you look more confident.

Beyond Hair, Skin & Body

We also give tips for glowing skin, dressing and grooming guide and secrets of perfect makeup and styling. Our endeavour is to augment your personality. Hence we not only focus on enhancing your physical appearance, but also give importance to your psychological growth. We have a team of councellors and personality analysts who help you groom your mind through various personality tests and exercises.

In short, Sakasti Total Makeover is a one-stop solution to develop your inner and outer beauty and transform from drab to fab!

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