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Making your skin clearer, brighter and healthier

Sakasti presents you an assortment of treatment facials to treat all your skin-related problems effectively. All our skin treatments and therapies are customised at every step to cure issues that are unique to your skin.

We have a strong team of experts to provide you with best professional skin care treatments. Our clinic is outfitted with US FDA approved hi-tech equipments.

Every client has to go through a proper consultation before beginning with the treatment. We request you to fill up a health consultation card in detail. We also check whether the client has any health issues or is under medication. We analyse your skin type and investigate the root cause of your concerns. This helps us to create customised treatment with personalised products and machines.

It also ensures that there are no possible contraindications to the treatments.

How it works

All our treatment facials start with a soothing eye and lip make-up removal. At first, we perform double cleansing by selecting a product from a vast range, depending on the type and condition of your skin.

Skin Analysis
We analyse your skin through face mapping, and select correct professional chemical exfoliant that penetrates deep down to loosen up the impurities. We remove traces of exfoliants with a warm steam towel or a sponge.

Extraction and Post-extraction
At times, we carefully perform extraction procedure to remove congestions from your skin. After the extraction procedure is completed, we execute post extraction or therapeutic light therapy that soothes inflammation or irritation and makes your skin completely antiseptic.

After the extraction procedure is completed, your skin becomes clean and clear. This is the ideal time for product penetration. Hence, we perform Pressure Point Massage with additives with aromatherapy. It comes with benefits like acupressure, lymphatic drainage for toxin removal and tissue relaxation. This massage also improves blood circulation, enhances metabolism, relaxes tired muscles and brings down your stress levels.

Masques and Post-Care
Then, a few drops of complex or serum are applied on your skin, after which we move on to masque application. We have a variety of masques like hydrating masque, multi-vitamin skin masque, contour masque and many more. Sometimes, we combine two to three masques for best results.
After 10 minutes, we wash the masque off your face, and conclude the treatment with toning, moisturising, and applying sun protection.

Special Suggestions:
We, at Sakasti, do not perform treatments on superficial level, but go to its roots. Hormonal changes and external factors like sun damage deeply affect your skin’s health. And hence, it is important to go through multiple sessions to fight skin problems and achieve optimum results. These sessions can be divided into Corrective Phase and Maintenance Phase for maximum benefits.

Home Care Regimen
It is believed that regular and appropriate utilisation of home care regime maintains your skin’s quality and improves its health up to 90%.

Complement your treatments with a special Home Care Regimen for long-term results. Follow a Home Care Regimen along with the in-clinic professional sessions for phenomenal results.

Besides being an integral part of all our treatments, these best professional skincare products are available on sale at Sakasti on retail basis.